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22 SWIFT Currencies

Initiate SWIFT Pay-Outs in 22 currencies straight from the clients account. On the payment request form the client has to choose SWIFT as a payment method. Request for a service to receive SWIFT Pay-Ins in 22 currencies. These payments are accepted to Globalnetint account and we settle the received funds straight to the clients account within the

Coxipay Prepaid Card

We provide payment cards used to remit funds to a beneficial cardholder and direct access to your Coxipay account.

Personal European IBAN Account

Be free to open the best EUR IBAN SEPA account for you and start using in minutes with no credit checks and easily KYC. FREE INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTS Open accounts with up to three free IBANs in 10 major currencies. Send money or get paid in the currency you want. INSTANT COXIPAY TRANSFERS Send money to